It’s not very often you see street art on the street anymore – most artists seem to be beating a path to the nearest gallery and going all legit on us. Nothing wrong with that, but what we liked so much about the Street Museum of Art (SMoA) when we featured it last year is that the art stays exactly where it was created, with the avenues and alleyways of New York acting as the world’s biggest gallery.

Breaking Out of the Box is SMoA’s new exhibition collection found around the streets of Chelsea, making reference to throwing off of the shackles of traditional gallery spaces and their influence on the way artwork in them is viewed, as criticised by Brian O’Doherty in the mid-1970s essay Inside the White Cube. José Parlá, JR, Futura and Kenny Scharf are just some of the big names whose work is being pointed out; as usual there’s an information plaque mounted somewhere near each piece telling you what’s going on, and more details of the artists involved and a map of where to find the works is available here.

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