The Street Museum of Art


City streets have become gallery walls for this urban museum.
Admission is always free and the hours are limitless.
SMoA is the first public art project to adopt the guerrilla tactics of street art & graffiti culture in a program of illegally curated exhibitions.


The Street Museum of Art (SMoA) is the defining museum in street art, graffiti and contemporary muralism. SMoA supports and promotes public work within its original context like no other museum can: bringing vital conversations about these artists and their work to the street for a new level of appreciation and awareness. SMoA celebrates its ephemeral ethos from paste up to decay. This international project champions all things local by highlighting the diverse artists, styles and techniques found in each city that's reached by our program of traveling, illegal exhibitions.

Founded in 2012 around the streets of Brooklyn, The Street Museum of Art’s guerrilla curating initiatives re-evaluate the current model for contemporary art museums by exploring the unique relationship these artists share with their urban environments.


As the rest of the art world begins to accept this urban medium, it is only becoming more apparent that street art inevitably resists containment. The question then should not be how can this inherently public art movement be modified or replicated in order to fit within the confines of a museum, but rather — how can the current model for contemporary art museums be re-examined to conform with the energy of street art?



The Street Museum of Art  is run anonymously.  Exhibitions are mapped out by the placement of didactic labels throughout the urban environment, mimicking those found in traditional museums. By bringing the traditional concepts of a museum outside, SMoA is encouraging visitors to actually go experience each piece within its original context, on the street. Much like the essential nature of street art and graffiti culture, The Street Museum of Art is ephemeral; the duration of these exhibitions is entirely reliant on external forces and the reaction of the public.

To fully realize the potential and influence of this movement within the context of contemporary art history, The Street Museum of Art is taking the intangible qualities of a museum outside where these artists thrive.


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