New York City

A Manifesto by The Street Museum of Art

In October 2012, The New Museum held a screening of Graffiti/Post Graffiti followed by a panel discussion at the museum around this film and the long-term transition towards graffiti exhibitions. The discussion brought legends from the early years of NYC's graffiti history together again on one stage — including Patti Astor, Fab Five Freddy, Lee Quiñones and Lady Pink.

The New Museum brought heavy hitters from the contemporary street art and graffiti scene together under one roof to watch this discussion unfold — and The Street Museum of Art took this opportunity to introduce a new kind of exhibition style. 

Outside the museum's entrance The Street Museum of Art chained up a re-appropriated local news box (sorry L Magazine!) which was filled with copies of the public art project's Manifesto. This Manifesto included a call to action for the public to join in on this radical new guerrilla curating project with free SMoA starter kit sticker packs.

The Street Museum of Art's Manifesto Box stayed in its location on the corner of Bowery and Prince Street for over 2 years.