The Street Museum of Art is pleased to announce its partnership with Google’s new Street ArtProject, an online sector of the Google Cultural Institute. By bringing together 30 global partners who have curated exhibitions and together provided more than 5,000 high resolution images, the goal is that anyone, anywhere can enjoy these artworks long after the paint has faded from the walls.

The partnership between The Street Museum of Art and Google’s Art Project reinforces the duality between the ephemeral life street art endures within the urban environment and its viral existence made possible through the internet and social media platforms. Street artists around the world are collectively changing the way we experience art.The Street Museum of Art and Google’s Art Project are among the first cultural institutions to follow in the street artist’s footsteps by introducing new models for curating exhibitions that coincide with this radical artform. Together the two projects support each other and the street art movement in a way that has not been possible before.