Combining JR’s black and white photography with José Parlá’s calligraphic style, the two artists completed a series of murals during their time in Havana, Cuba last year.  Part of JR’s “Wrinkles of the City” project, the murals capture the likeness of 25 Cuban citizens who lived through the country’s revolution. Distressed walls on which JR posts his portraits echo the many years and experiences lived by the senior citizens while Parlá‘s expressive gestures offer a sense of spirit and liveliness.

Commissioned as part of Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery’s exhibition, “The Wrinkles of the City, Havana, Cuba,” it is interesting to compare the two very different and distinguishable experiences — witnessing the murals first hand, in their public environments versus encountering the photographic reproductions within a gallery setting — and to consider the importance of both.




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