Kobra’s large-scale mural offers a prismatic recreation of the iconic photo taken in 1945 by American photojournalist Alfred Eisenstaedt.  A kiss caught between the two strangers in Times Square on V-J Day —marking the end of the last World War— is now filled with the vibrant color and energy that has become signature to Kobra’s work.  Below, the Brazilian muralist depicts the black-and-white scenes of old NYC photos intersected by kaleidoscope-like rays of color — celebrating the history of this city’s past and its relationship to our present.

Description of Kobra’s Andy Warhol & Jean Michel Basquiat (New York, July 10th, 1985)
Photographed by Michael Halsband/Landov

This was Jean idea.

He said: Wait, I have an idea!
Let me try something here...
Basquiat posed Andy and then he put his head on a boxing glove and did this expression.

During the painting process, since the image was on a wall surrounded by a white fence, Kobra had an insight, of a boxing ring scene and the struggle of artists by street art.

Thus is born the name of this wall.”




exhibitions with SMOA

Breaking Out of the Box — New York

Breaking Out of the Box — New York

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