NYC; a place where dreamers and artists migrate. A Mecka for the arts. The cultural epicenter of the world — this was my understanding when I moved here from California over seven years ago, and I have yet to be disappointed. The diversity of cultures, colors, and backgrounds that blend together in this city create an incredible energy, unlike anywhere else. Inspiration abounds. This love for the city has culminated my determination to beautify the city as well. While there are so many things to love in this city, I find that I can still contribute and add life and culture and even more love. Scouting blank walls, brown walls, empty walls has become a hobby. I dream onto those walls and decide what sort of color it should posses. I add power and love and contribute my two cents to a commuter’s day. I find that discovering street art in our city is like finding gems or running into old friends. I love that I can participate in the energy and color and enrichment of a city in a public manner, sometimes adding floral inspiration from a botanical garden, or a twist to a piece I saw in a museum, or some other hidden gem in the city, and bringing it to a blank wall in a different location. The loudspeaker that is a blank wall in New York city is my canvas and my opportunity to share beauty and love with others. 

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