Bowery Boogie

The nondescript black magazine box at the corner of Bowery and Prince is not delivering dailies for consumption. Nor is it a depository for trash (yet). Rather, it’s dispensing stickers for the Street Museum of Art, an unauthorized public project that challenges current methods of exhibiting street art. As their mission states, “the city streets have become gallery walls for this urban museum” with free admission and limitless hours.

Downtowners are urged to fill out the labels with personal descriptions and paste near graffiti. Everything is an exhibit. It’s essentially an experiment in crowdsourcing that will likely result in some funny vandalism of its own. Meanwhile, its current installation, “In Plain Sight,” is on view until the graffiti police pull the shit down.

The Street Museum of Art seems to raise the question – should it stay on the street instead of the gallery circuit? What do you think?

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