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Street Museum of Art X Google Street Art

Street Museum of Art (SMoA) has announced two new exhibitions in collaboration with the Google Street Art project.

SMoA and Google’s Street Art Project have come together to highlight the duality between the ephemeral life of street art within the urban environment and its virtual existence made possible through the Internet and social media platforms. Street artists around the world are collectively changing the way we experience art.

The two new exhibitions are titled Dans la Rue: Montréal and 24hrs in NYC. Despite taking place on different parts of the globe, the projects come together to highlight the way that previously undocumented street art is given new life when brought to the web. See below for more details.

Dans la Rue

Teaming up with Station16 Gallery, Dans la Rue is a public exhibition of the illegal steet art found around Montréal’s Plateau. Including the work of 12 local artists — the exhibition celebrates the fleeting, subversive and DIY nature of the street art. Each piece has been placed on the street, for the public, without permission. Artists featured within the exhibition include Bfour, Gawd Labrona, Listen Bird, Omen, Produkt, Rage5, Scaner, Stikki Peaches, Waxhead, WIA (aka whatisadam) and Wzrds Gng. 

24hrs in NYC

In partnership with 16 New York-based street artists, 24hrs in NYC challenges the notion of a “public” art museum by collectively working outside conventional exhibition spaces. Presented with only a deadline and one rule to keep the details of the exhibition a secret until the launch date, the artists acted as their own curators — taking the concept of the museum and letting it run wild in the streets. Artists partaking in 24 hours in NYC include CB23, Cernesto, Clint Mario, Edapt, EKG, El Sol25, Enzo & Nio, FoxxFace, Jilly Ballistic, Mori, QRST Rubin, Shin Shin, Sines, Wing and Wizard Skull.

fluoro spoke with SMoA following their second exhibition Breaking out of the Box,which took place in 2013. Read the full interview and find out more about how their curating style adopts the same guerrilla approach as street art.

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