I was nine years old and four thousand miles away when I did my first tag. Born and raised in the blue-collar housing projects of Bergsjön in Gothenburg, Sweden I pictured New York City, the graffiti capitol of the world before my eyes. 
I went on imaginary strolls through its streets. I yielded for yellow cabs and stepped through the white steam pushing from its subway system. I took the train to the Bronx to see the legends tackle bricks and concrete, to feel the punch from the aerosol in my nose.
Thirty years later I’m here. These streets that I have loved as if though they were my own are mine now, for real. 
We’re all creators of the cities we love. I create with frosty rivers and snow covered pine trees, with grey granite and white summer nights. With every press of the cap I’m merging my roots with this overwhelmingly inspiring, rigorously demanding, and gritty – yet dreamy – metropolis.  

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